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Year 6 Homework Help

Here, you will find a list of suggested websites and documents to support you in helping your child with their SATs revision.

KS2 Maths Organiser

Below is a link to an amazing resource that will help your child practise a variety of mathematical skills in preparation for the SATs. The document is organised into topics with a selection of questions for each topic. The best bit - each question has a YouTube link which will talk your child through the question step-by-step!

English Terminology Glossary

When the New Curriculum was introduced in 2014, various changes were made to grammatical terminology. Below is a document that covers the extensive terminology that children are required to know for the KS2 SPAG test. It is a great guide for parents so that you can become familiar with the terms that your children will be learning about in school. You might even become a 'Grammar Guru' yourself! 

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