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School Trips

Class R at Godstone Farm

On July 4th, Class R went on their first school outing to Godstone  Farm. Everyone had a lovely time. The weather was beautiful and we boarded our coach with eagerness. The children enjoyed the journey and it did not seem long until we were there! We were met by Farmer Jill who became our guide for part of the tour.

Class R began their visit with a tractor ride around the farm. We then met many different animals, some we could stroke and some we could feed.

The children were then invited to a special demonstration about sheep, wool and spinning. They also had the opportunity to spin their own wool and were taught how to weave.

We had a lovely barn to eat our lunch in and the afternoon was spent playing in the sand, sledging, driving tractors and much more. Soon it was time to board our coach to travel back to school. Everyone was tired and sad to leave but we all had a wonderful time. Most of us can’t wait to go back, which may be possible as the long summer holiday is looming!

Thank you to all the lovely parents who joined us and all the staff who looked after us. We had a lovely first outing!