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Recent Events

CRIBS Transition Workshop - Tuesday 19th June

Today, CRIBS delivered a workshop to Class 6, which explored the different feelings about transitioning to secondary school. Pupils got to watch a short play before participating in different discussions centred around moving onto secondary school. There were some very honest discussions; these have helped face some of the worries that some people had about leaving primary.


Gangsta Granny - The Orchard Theatre, Friday 25th May

The Friday before half term, curiosity and excitement ran through Bexleyheath train station for Year 6 had an unexpected journey to The Orchard Theatre in Dartford for a surpsrise treat to see the ‘grantastic’ Gangsta Granny! Class 6 had a fantastic time and for some of them it was their first experience of a theatre. The production obviously had a lasting impact as one person (Damilare) was overheard saying ‘I would give up an hour of Fortnite to watch Gangsta Granny anytime.’ I don’t think we could have asked for a better reaction! 

School Journey 2018

Mud, rain and tonnes of fun were on the menu for this year's school journey. Class 4 and Class 6 enjoyed a two night stay at Grosvenor Hall and although we all became thoroughly soggy during our stay, there were lots of smiles throughout. Some children overcame their fears, climbing and jumping off of a 10 metre pole; others embraced challenges they thought they were not capable of achieving. Staff were incredibly proud of all of the children's achievements and their impeccable behaviour.

Mrs Smith can still hear the screams from the 3G swing ringing in her ears....who was that?!


Sports Relief 2018

On Thursday 22nd March, we celebrated Sports Relief. We came dressed as our favourite sporting heroes. Because we dressed up, we donated £1. Class R held the assembly and provided us with more information about what Sport Relief is and how the money raised is used. Miss Ola also hosted a lunchtime Zumba session as well as a ‘Flossing’ competition. Each event was well attended and we had lots of fun!

Class R

NSPCC Visit - Monday 5th March

On Monday 5th March, the NSPCC (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children) delivered two assemblies: one for the Infants and one for the Juniors. Both were extremely informative and provided pupils with knowledge about how to stay safe. During the assembly, we learnt about Childline and now know the number to contact should we want to talk to somebody about our worries – 0800 11 11. The number is free to call and open 24/7, 365 days a year.  We were introduced to Buddy, who is the NSPCC’s mascot; he is a speech bubble who symbolises the NSPCC’s motto of speaking out and staying safe. In addition to the assemblies, Classes 5 and 6 participated in a workshop where they explored the themes in greater depth.

Class 6

Class 3 trip

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Class 3 had the most wonderful day. We travelled back in time and visited the Stone Age at The Celtic Harmony Centre. It was a freezing cold day, but that did not dampen our enthusiasm. After a long coach journey (the traffic was horrendous) we finally arrived. We were greeted by ‘Manachar’, our Stone Age guide for the day. He told us all about the activities we would be doing.

First we watched Manachar use friction to light a fire. This is how they did it in the Stone Age. Then we built dens out of branches and twigs to keep us safe from the wild animals that roamed around Britain in the Stone Age.

After a quick lunch we learnt how to make weapons! The Stone Age people used flint to make arrow heads; we used soap to avoid accidents. The children made beautiful arrowheads and were able to take them home.

Next we learnt how to trade. We used Stone Age artefacts such as plaited rope, deer hide and shells. We traded these and tried to score points. Once this was completed, we traded our modern money for Celtic coins and used them to purchase items from the gift shop. The children really enjoyed this part.

Our final activity was hunting and gathering. We learnt how to sneak up on animals and even got the chance to throw spears and try to hunt a giant woolly mammoth to feed our tribe. After this, we said our goodbyes and headed off. The children had a lovely day and learnt lots about life in Stone Age Britain. Thank you to Celtic Harmony for putting on such an interesting and informative day for us.

Mr Mulcahy


Class 6 - Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Class 6 held a coffee afternoon on Friday 29th September for their friends and family. Thank you to everyone who helped to raise funds for such a worthy cause.

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