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Class 6 Events


Friday 28th September - Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Our first main event of Year 6 was the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. Below is a short account of the afternoon written by Elsie. I’m sure you will agree that it has been very well-written – fabulous job Elsie yes.

Last Friday, Class 6 participated in the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon. Earlier on in September, Mrs Smith taught us how to write formal letters. From that, we wrote formal letters inviting our relations to accompany us to this event. We baked (or bought) cakes for the guests to enjoy in the afternoon. There were fun games to play (run by members of Class 6) with prizes given at the end. I think everyone who attended would agree that it was an incredibly fun afternoon; we raised an incredible £206.81.

However, we couldn’t have done this without the kind support and donations given by all the adults, Mrs Smith for arranging the occasion and Mrs Seguin and Mrs Wheeler for setting up and serving hot beverages.

By Elsie - Class 6

Bikeability Training - November 2018


Look out for updates on how we get on during our bike training in November.

Please remember your helmets otherwise you won't be able to particpate!

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