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Class 5 - Mr R Walker and Mrs L Parfitt

We have arrived in Class 5!!  We have begun learning all the Year 5 objectives with Mr Walker, who has followed us from Class 4, and our new teaching assistant, Mrs Parfitt, who worked with us in Class 1.


We are currently enjoying "Stay Where You Are And Then Leave" by John Boyne and are basing all our writing around it.  We have been working with numbers in the millions in maths and taking part in the Reading Plus programme.  In science, we have learnt about Earth and Space and have built our own junk model rockets based on the Apollo Moon rockets.  Now we are learning about forces and investigating spinners, parachutes and aeroplanes. We have also been finding out about artist Frida Kahlo and learning more about all the places in the United Kingdom in geography.  We have also created our own computer games using Kodu.


All of us are very proud to have taken part in a litter pick with SWAC, on behalf of the East Wickham and Welling War Memorial Trust.


We are all looking forward to working hard in Year 5 and enjoying another fantastic year.


Never a dull moment... still!

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