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CLASS 4 - Mr R Walker


We've reached the end of our journey through Year 4 with Mr Walker and Mrs Williams. 

We have enjoyed learning lots about our topics, including Ancient Egypt and the Romans in history and Sound, Electricity and States of Matter in science.  We wrote exciting Horrid Henry stories, fables, science fiction and stories based on the Butterfly Lion.  We also performed a class assembly for Jeans4Genes Day.

We have worked with Beaming Stars to develop our gymnastics, with My Bnk to learn more about the importance of money and with Mrs Chanchai, learning to play the violin.

Mr Walker has planned lots of exciting activities for us.  We all enjoyed our board games and sci-fi afternoons, our trip to Oxleas Woods, school journey, the HMS Belfast and Minnis Bay. He has also introduced us to the world of the greenscreen and to pepakura, from which he has built suits of armour, C3PO from Star Wars and a galaxy of helmets that we get to own if we have read more than 50 times.

Then there was the RESCUE HEROES!!!

We received the chance to make our own Summer Blockbuster, which we showed our parents at a special premiere, ending what has been a fun year for us.  Sadly, we said goodbye to Mrs Williams, who retired in July.

But it wasn't goodbye as Mr Walker is coming with us to Year 5!!

Never a dull moment... still!

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