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Welcome to Class 4's Page

 What Lies Ahead


The Easter Bunny has been and gone and we are now entering the Summer term at St. Michael’s!  Although it is our last term in Class 4, we are not about to slow down. Instead, we are ready and eager to climb to the top this term’s learning mountain. We have a lot to cram in this 5 ½ week term, including Explanation Texts in Literacy; building on our knowledge of fractions and decimals in maths; exploring States of Matter in Science; discovering all there is to know in our Water topic as well as developing our netball skills in PE. Hopefully, we can make good use of the summer weather and take some of our learning outside. Oh, not forgetting fitting in time to finish reading The Midnight Gang – we are all hooked and desperate to know the ending!

Bucket Fillers

In Class 4, we are all bucket fillers. Each one of us has an invisible bucket. Every day, we endeavour to carry out acts of kindness which will fill someone else's bucket. In turn, our own bucket will also be filled. We have our own class bucket which will fill with pom poms everytime we do a good deed. Whenever our bucket is full, we have a class treat. If you want to find out more about bucket filling, have a read of 'Have you filled a bucket today?'

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Go Noodle

Go Noodle

Each week, we try to earn some Go Noodle time on a Friday. We do this by earning Class Dojo points. There are several things we can earn points for including; focussing on our learning, being role models, being kind and helpful, acting respectfully and being honest. If we earn enough points, we can choose some Go Noodle activities on a Friday afternoon. One of our favourites is Koo Koo Kangaroo; if you listen carefully, you might just hear us one Friday afternoon!