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CLASS 4 - Miss Richardson and Mrs Goddard

We are so excited that you have visited our page today, take a peek at the fun learning activities Class 4 have experienced so far. 

Message of PeaceMessage of Peace 2Walk to our church
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Our photographs are ordered from top to bottom and left to right:

First 3 photographs:

R.E. - Being a church school is so important to us at St Michael's. It's what makes us who we are.  Our Religious Education lessons help us to make links with many other religions or ideologies within our World. Many other religions have prophets like Isaiah, who bring messages of hope.  We considered peace both internally(what it meant to us) and externally(how it should be around the world).  Our individual feathers, were our thoughts and hopes. Together with the dove(a symbol of peace), we want to spread that message, just like the dove spreads its wings. 

Walking to our church - We are very lucky to be able to walk to St Michael's Church, East Wickham.  We always enjoy this activity(as you can see from the love symbol, thumbs up and smiles) and are so lucky to have parents and grown ups who give up their time to accompany us.  We get the whole church to ourselves where we sing, worship, pray, take Holy Communion, celebrate success, welcome new classes and say goodbye to those moving on. 

Left to Right:

Humanities - Why just research, cut out, sort and stick dates on an Ancient Egyptian Timeline in our History Lesson?  We love make connections across our subjects; so for a Geography connection, we excitedly opened our atlases and discovered where in Egypt, Cairo, the Pyramids and the Nile River, are actually located, in our wonderful world.  But we didn't stop there ... we noticed that our timeline linked with our Maths, where we have been learning about negative number increments on our number lines.

Science - We love to be hands on, we don't want to read about sound in a textbook.  We want to make a telephone, where we can feel the sound vibration particles as they bounce off our receiver cups.  We learnt how the tautness of our 'wire' made a difference to our voices.

Second Row:

Learning outside our classroom - We made sure we were not in anybody's way and had great fun learning all around St Michael's.  You could say these were our Steps to Success!

English - Vocabulary - Can you spot our Dictionary Detectives and Thesaural Thinkers?  We outlawed the word 'nice' and discovered there were more 'pleasant' and 'finer' words to use.smiley

Third Row:

R E - Michaelmas Day -  We are really proud to be a Church of England Primary School and Michaelmas Day is eagerly awaited.  Michaelmas Day is the feast of Saint Michael (an Archangel) and is celebrated on 29 September (traditionally the last day of the harvest season).  Our whole school walks to our church wearing sprigs of Michaelmas Daisies.  Our photo shows one of our more inventive ways of wearing these delicate flowers, which are picked from our own gardens and shared around the school.

R E - Class Mass - Class 4 were excited to receive their first Class Mass with Father Peter in our school building.  We were able to see the chalice containing the wine to represent Jesus' blood.

We could show you more, but we think it best to add further steps of our learning journey at a later time.  We want you to come back and join us again.

Thanks for scrolling, 

From Class 4.



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