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Class 3 - Mrs L Harding and Mrs N Watson

Welcome to Class 3!  This term, our topic is The Stone Age. In history, we have discovered a lot of interesting facts and have explored important Stone Age artefacts and archeological sites such as Skara Brae through images and other media. 

In science, we are learning about rocks and soils. We have learned about the three different types of rock and how these are made; we have also tested a range of rocks to see whether they have certain properties, such as permeability and durability. Throughout this term, we have developed a strong interest in rocks and pebbles and love to bring in our own rocks to show Mrs Harding!

Our English work has also linked with our topic and we have enjoyed developing our writing and SPAG skills through studying the books 'Ug, Boy Genius Of The Stone Age' and 'Pebble In My Pocket'. We are working paticularly hard on our descriptive vocabulary by using adjectives, adverbs, similes and personification in our writing. 

In maths, we have completed lots of work on Place Value. We have partitioned, ordered and compared numbers to 1000; we have also become more confident with our three times table and counting in 25s, 50s and 100s. 

Have a look at our photos below to see our learning in action! laugh


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