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Class Teacher: Miss C Richardson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Goddard

Thursday 26th July 2018

Wow, what a busy Summer Term we have had in Class 3!

Here is a taster of activities our wonderful class took part in...


At St Michael's, we all appreciate the importance of Jesus and his teachings. as well as studying many other world religions.  In Class 3, we have been actively discussing Holy Communion and Jesus' legacies.  We made a set of footsteps, one to mirror His footsteps and our own footstep, depicting our own legacy in life so far.  We even displayed a set on our classroom door to encourage people to follow the footsteps inside. (Photo to follow).  Being inquisitive, we love to seek out the links with other religions and we discovered this term, that Buddhists also follow a path in life.


We began with some very important research, EATING!  In order to design our our bread, we sampled many different varieties.  We discussed our preferences and excitedly wrote down our recipe ideas. Some of us were inspired to do some home learning; did we find some wheat growing in our own gardens?  This will need further scientific investigation.

All we can say is, watchout major supermarkets; Class 3 will be stiff competition for you.


During our PO-ARTRY Week, we combined lots of subjects.  In English, we composed a class riddle poem, based on a 2D shape; all classes presented their poem in a special assembly.  Using our Maths 2D and 3D shapes, we designed sketches of buildings, rockets, planets and much more.  Finally, we created our art piece, using: charcoal, oil pastels, felt tips, tissue paper... our teacher likes us to explore different media to express ourselves.


In Art, we studied J M Turner's seascapes and experimented with brushstrokes, colour palettes and texture.  Messy, but great fun.


In Music, we practised our recorder piece (without looking); we then performed beautifully at our Grandparent's Tea Party.


As budding scientists, we studied what happened to plants when we changed their environments.


Other highlights included: dressing up for Prince and Princess Day(to celebrate Meghan and Harry's Royal Wedding), French role plays, live modelling of how water is used by plants and of course the fun and spectacle of SPORT'S DAY-where our friends and family cheer us on.

All in all, we have packed in so much, whilst continually having fun on our learning journey.  Huge thanks, to all family and carers who have supported our class, both in school and at home.  Roll on, Class 4, where new discoveries and adventures begin.

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