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Class 3

Mr J. Mulcahy and Mrs J. Goddard

Welcome to the class 3 homepage, where you'll find information about all of the fun activities and exciting learning we have been doing in class. You'll also find pictures of our work and displays to give you a better sense of life in the year 3 classroom

The Spring term is always a bit shorter than the others, but this does not mean that we work any less hard. In numeracy we have been learning how to multiply and divide and how to use the bar model to solve word problems. The children have really enjoyed the new maths scheme we have been using.

In literacy we are completing our unit on castles, creating a range of different written pieces on the sorts of people who lived in medieval castles, as well as writing poetry about kings and queens.

In Science we have been learning about rocks, fossils and soils; completing investigations and finding out more about how they are all formed.

In history we are studying Stone Age to Iron Age Britain; finding out all about the changes that yook place during this time and how the human culture began to resemble the sorts of societies that we would recognise today.

In P.E we have been learning to dance, to use our bodies to reflect different feelings and create sequences of moves with a partner.

We have been doing all of this and plenty more in class 3 this term. Although there is much to cover and lots of hard work to do, we never lose sight of the fact that school is there to be enjoyed and we always make sure that the work is fun and exciting.

Take a look at the photos of all the fun things we have been doing.

God bless,

Mr J. Mulcahy