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CLASS 3 - Miss C Richardson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Goddard

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Class 3 had the most wonderful day. We travelled back in time and visited the Stone Age at The Celtic Harmony Centre. It was a freezing cold day, but that did not dampen our enthusiasm. After a long coach journey (the traffic was horrendous) we finally arrived. We were greeted by ‘Manachar’, our Stone Age guide for the day. He told us all about the activities we would be doing.

First we watched Manachar use friction to light a fire. This is how they did it in the Stone Age. Then we built dens out of branches and twigs to keep us safe from the wild animals that roamed around Britain in the Stone Age.

After a quick lunch we learnt how to make weapons! The Stone Age people used flint to make arrow heads; we used soap to avoid accidents. The children made beautiful arrowheads and were able to take them home.

Next we learnt how to trade. We used Stone Age artefacts such as plaited rope, deer hide and shells. We traded these and tried to score points. Once this was completed, we traded our modern money for Celtic coins and used them to purchase items from the gift shop. The children really enjoyed this part.

Our final activity was hunting and gathering. We learnt how to sneak up on animals and even got the chance to throw spears and try to hunt a giant woolly mammoth to feed our tribe. After this, we said our goodbyes and headed off. The children had a lovely day and learnt lots about life in Stone Age Britain. Thank you to Celtic Harmony for putting on such an interesting and informative day for us.

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